“ Hit the road! 

Costacalsamiglia & Vimworks

Edreams Odigeo

Location | Date:
Barcelona  2015


Photography  Marcela Grassi

The online travel agency  Edreams needed to expand its office space, and commissioned us (together with Costacalsamiglia arq.) with remodeling the 8th floor of the Barcelona World Trade Center for this purpose.
We thought it would be interesting to combine the concepts of work and travel under the slogan Hit the Road!
With this idea in mind we undertook our own journey to develop two concepts: (1) something we called the “light up  individual work space, where ideas would emerge, and (2) the road, a blue pathway (the corporate color) joining all of the activities that were necessary or complementary in the office: areas for meetings or for brainstorming sessions, a place to have coffee, storage areas, spaces where ideas could “travel”…
The idea was to design the “light up space along the facade wall, where it would benefit from the most natural light, while the road space would wind around the central core, occasionally entering into the work areas like a peninsula where the two environments would mingle.
The blue pathway included a number of elements designed using low cost, opaque, translucent materials which, in an interplay of 3 different heights, suited the work needs and privacy required by each space.

The occupants now have a space they can enjoy, ensuring that travel and ideas abound.