“Wooden Box with Two Skins”


Benjamí & Teresa

Location | Date:
El Prat del Ll.  2014

Technical Arq.  Lluís Madrid & Joan Olona

Photography  Joan Guillamat 

In this case the idea was to create a single-family town house, 7 meters wide.
The solution adopted was to build the house using a prefab structure made of CLT wood panels, thereby greatly facilitating the construction process while increasing thermal efficiency, and in general making it possible to build in a more efficient and sustainable way.
The wooden box was covered with two skins: one of white metal sheeting; the other, larch wood panels.
The corrugated white metal was used for the abutting wall, folding toward the street facade.
In contrast, larch cladding was used for all of the sides of the house that opened out onto the exterior, to give it greater warmth. Metal sheeting and wood were combined in a play of light and shadows created by the vertical slats.
The interior was organized around two major central elements: an indoor patio and a stairway.
The patio, together with the back yard, provided natural light and ventilation to all of the rooms on the ground floor, enhancing the feeling of spaciousness and comfort. At the same time, the stairwell was designed to serve as a light shaft to provide light to the central area of the house, entranceway, parking garage, and bathroom on the main floor. Inclusion of the stairway was intended not only to provide more light to those areas, but to turn it into a vertical axis of communication that would permit subdivision into different, independent dwellings in the future.

Casa Natrus, our first wooden house.